Wild women challenge

This 5 day challenge will see Caitlin and Lorraine following the Unmarked, rugged BACK COUNTRY route crossing the LONG RANGE MOUNTAINS OVER A DISTANCE OF 35KMS.

tHEY WILL be ASCENDing gorges through thick VEGETATIOn reaching 600 meters in elevation, CROSSing WATERWAYS, NAVIGATING,abseiling and wild camping, right when hungry bears are emerging from hibernation! 

Both women are having to get super fit and learn new skills like navigation, fire lighting and survival skills in preparation for the trip. You can follow their personal training journeys via their Blog.

They are raising money for both Pregnancy Sickness Support, who offer information and support to women with HG and also for Birthrights who are working to protect women’s fundamental human rights through pregnancy and childbirth. 

The challenge is being organised and led by survival and wilderness expedition expert Megan Hine whose job it is to keep them alive yet make sure they both have to work exceedingly hard to warrant the generous donations and sponsorship from their supporters... so alive, but only just!

"This five day endurance challenge will take on the wilderness. Employing a range of outdoor skills and techniques such as navigation, rock climbing, rappelling and wild camping, Caitlin and Lorraine will move through the terrain tackling any obstacle on their route. This will be a physically and mentally demanding trip which requires perseverance, determination and a mind open to learning new skills." - Megan Hine



Gros Morne National Park is 1,805 square kilometres of wilderness on Newfoundland’s west coast. Natural beauty and a unique, geological showcase earned Gros Morne UNESCO World Heritage status in 1987. You can see clearly on display evidence of the forces that shaped our planet, from shifted tectonic plates to rare expanses of exposed earth’s mantle.


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Famous for fog and unpredictable weather, the unmarked route is remote, wild and otherworldly .

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Emma and Caitlin are on Instagram and Twitter posting regularly about their training and preparation so head over and give them a follow, comment, share and generally engage!



Soaring fjords and moody mountains tower above a diverse panorama of beaches and bogs, forests and barren cliffs. Shaped by colliding continents and grinding glaciers, Gros Morne’s ancient landscape is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.