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Caitlin Dean


Caitlin Dean is a registered general nurse and chairperson for the charity Pregnancy Sickness Support. Since suffering with hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) during her own three pregnancies Caitlin has dedicated her career to specialising in the condition and is currently undertaking a PhD in hyperemesis gravidarum research. In addition to her formal studies Caitlin writes, blogs and acts as a national spokesperson on HG in both the medical and general media. Her books, Hyperemesis Gravidarum - The Definitive Guide and How to be an HG Hero have helped countless women through the most difficult times of their lives. 

Caitlin has been a trustee of Pregnancy Sickness Support since 2011 when she established the national peer support network. She was elected as Chairperson in 2015 and has continued to drive the charity forward establishing partnerships and collaborations and generally shouting about HG at every opportunity. 

Her work in HG has led to a wider interest in Women's Human Rights, particularly in relation to healthcare and maternity care. She is a proud feminist raising feminist children and supported by her feminist husband. 

For me, HG meant vomiting almost continuously for months on end and an intense, mind crippling nausea every waking moment for the entire duration of the pregnancy. The condition left me severely malnourished, dehydrated and with a host of other symptoms and complications. It robbed me of my dignity and left me humiliated and begging for help which was frequently denied. I was told to pull myself together and try ginger because there is a huge stigma surrounding the condition, taking medication in pregnancy and a tenacious attitude in wider society that it’s just some women not coping with morning sickness. Yet I was one of the lucky ones, I was given some medication and was occasionally rehydrated and I had support from my husband. I was able to survive. And “survival” is certainly a word I relate to in terms of my run in with HG. Before IV fluids HG was the leading cause of death in early pregnancy and women are not wrong when they say they feel like they are dying... without IV treatment many still would.

I’m hoping this challenge will show people just how tough women who have survived HG really are and raise awareness about the challenge women face getting to the end of a pregnancy with the massive obstacle of HG in between from day one and often right up until the day of delivery.
— Caitlin

Lorraine Wright


Lorraine Wright has been a Beauty Therapist for 25 years and has been teaching Beauty Therapy for 20 years.

I have 3 sons and although I never suffered with Hyperemesis Gravidarum I can appreciate the level of suffering that women endure. I feel this charity is so important to support women and to raise awareness in the education of the public and health care professionals so this condition can be diagnosed and treated as early as possible in the pregnancy to try and reduce the impact on the sufferer and her family.

This is going to be an amazing challenge for me not just physically but emotionally too. I enjoy camping and being outdoors and although I am looking forward to the physical challenge the biggest challenge for me will be out in the wilderness with no contact with my family.
— Lorraine



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