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Expedition Foods

Established in 1995, Expedition Foods has been providing top quality freeze-dried meals to internationally acclaimed explorers, rowers, sailors, endurance athletes and mountaineers as well as campers, scouts, film crews, military personnel and rescue service teams all over the world.

Expedition Foods’ delicious light-weight meals provide the perfect nutrition for a wide range of outdoor pursuits.  Sold globally, Expedition Foods is recognised as one of the top brands of freeze-dried meals available in today’s market.  Manufactured in Britain, Expedition Foods is the expert in producing meals that retain all the nutrition of a perfectly balanced meal in a single, light-weight packet.  Our meals deliver the fuel and balanced nutrition required for the most gruelling of challenges; to summit our highest peaks, to row our oceans, and to traverse the remotest wildernesses on our planet.

Expedition Foods have kindly supported our training and trip with a 20% discount on their products.

Expedition Foods


The Beardy PT

The Beardy PT is a personalised health & fitness concierge service enabling people to train when they like and where they like with a bespoke fitness program and continuous expert support right on their phone or tablet.

Gavin personally designs, plans, troubleshoots and manage the health and fitness of busy people wishing to get in shape, fix posture, reduce pain and generally look, move, feel and live better.

With 15 years experience as a personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist and Pilates instructor and as one of the very few certified online personal trainers in the world, you know you’re in good hands with the Beardy PT.

Gavin is supporting our trip by working with Caitlin at a discounted rate to achieve the fitness she will require and correct the injures she sustained during her hyperemesis pregnancies. Additionally, Gavin is offering to donate £50 per month of any new subscriptions between now and our trip if you quote "Wild Women Challenge" when signing up!

The Beardy PT

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Bad Boy Chilli

Bad Boy Chilli make award winning chilli purees and sauces, their purée's are made with 100% one type of chilli, so if you buy a Naga you get Naga and nothing else. They aim to keep the product a pure as possible.

Bad Boy Chilli use only two ingredients in their purée's, chilli and vinegar, this brings out the authentic taste of each chilli and gives a consistent heat every time you use it.

Bad Boy Chilli have supported our trip through website sponsorship.

Bad Boy Chilli